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Parenting of the future?..

So I just read an article about how parenting has changed in recent years, and how a lot of new parents said they would not adapt to any of the said “old” ways, or perhaps ways their own parents followed..And now as a parent, I have to agree..

Now to me, every single parent is different, and we all choose different ways of parenting that works for us and our children, and that should be respected for everyone. As far as I am concerned, it’s a case of my child, my business. Parenting is definitely not easy, and can be trying at times, but I think with all this talk of “ways” to parent we miss the point here. When you looked into the face of that newborn baby, you didn’t think “I wonder what they will score in their first spelling test” or “I wonder will he/she eat all those dinners I’ll be cooking for them” or even “they better sleep in their cot straight away or ELSE” – No. nothing so trivial. And besides, life doesn’t work that way, and whoever tells you otherwise is telling you a big ol’ porkey!

In fact, all you think about is, how you are going to show this little person how much your love never ends for them. How you’re going to keep them warm and safe at night, and fill their days with happiness. It really is that little fairytale going over and over in your head..

To me, being a Mum means trying to outweigh the bad days with the good. There is nothing I love more than seeing my baby happy and smiling. and of course, like everyone, babies have their bad days, and when those bad days happen, whether it be the infant days, school-going days or teenage days..all you can do is make sure to be there. To listen, to hug, to reassure and say you know what? You’re ok, because Mummy loves you.

Being kind and loving I know will give my daughter the confidence to be who she is and to express herself. I want to encourage that. I remember being in the hospital and my little one was all upset in herself, and I honestly did not know what to do. No amount of bottle or winding or changing could fix this and I was clueless. Then a midwife came to me and he said “Sometimes, all she wants is a cuddle from her Mummy”..and there you have it. The cure to my daughters stress. A simple cuddle made everything go away. So natural and yet so simple in its effectiveness. 

From even before my daughter was even the size of a poppy seed, I knew that I wanted to show my future child how to be kind and loving, and even disciplined. My child obviously will have everything she needs, but in terms of love, that is priceless. No amount of toys or fancy dresses will ever compare to that love. Just like no amount of using the old fashioned “wooden spoon” technique will ever show her that hurting people is wrong. Not all will agree to that I know, but that is only my personal view on my own decisions and nothing else. As said before, every single parent is different and what doesn’t work for one will work for another.

So the point here is that love conquers all. Our children grow too fast, so we just need to slow down, and smile with our children before it’s too late and they aren’t holding our hands anymore. That after all, only comes once in a lifetime……..




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