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Six Week Reflection

Six whole weeks. Not a very long time is it? Amazing how, when it counts it can either be the slowest or the fastest you’ve experienced. And for me it’s definitely the latter!

I’m bringing my daughter for her 6 week check up in the morning. It will be 6 weeks on Saturday since I gave birth to my beautiful girl, since I became a mum, since my life changed dramatically for the better. And all I can do is hope that tomorrow I can be told that she is as I’m sure, a happy and healthy growing baby.

The past few weeks have honestly probably been the most fabulous and fearful of my life. But yet I’m remembering all those little things that were told to me when I was pregnant – You’ll never sleep again, children are tough work, you’ll never be able to go out every weekend. And I find myself experiencing everything other than this dreaded picture everyone painted.

I do class myself as very lucky, as my child sleeps through the night, and yes she can have her little 5 minute tantrums but overall I have a very happy, smiley and placid baby. As for the not being out every weekend part, well, those were in my younger days and were WELL gone a long time ago! Don’t get me wrong, I agree that everyone needs to get out for their own sanity more so, and I will definitely look forward to a night to let my hair down! But sitting in on a Saturday night with my other half watching Netflix or some silly Saturday telly getting cuddles off my baby in my lovely warm sitting room is pretty hard to beat! Especially in the coldness of Winter! 🙂

I now find myself used to being permanently attached to my baby. And that’s ok! To me, she’s still teeny tiny and I am going to relish every moment of that. Looking back on her 6 weeks of life here, I’m pretty darn proud of myself. I have kept my sanity, her health, and I’m here to tell the tale! When my little one was a mere 2 days old, I took it on myself to get out and about – with baby in tow. Luckily my other half was off for the first few days so I had the support of him, and 2 of our friends to give me that confidence. And I haven’t looked back since.

I am a firm believer that women should be encouraged to get out, as soon as they feel able, after having a baby. I found it empowering, and having every second person stop to admire my child and tell me how unbelievable it was that I was out on day 2, but why not? I had to drag myself down to appointments, between the PHN, doctor and various other errands that could not be left undone, so I needed that trial! It was simply going down the town for some lunch, but it was what I needed. I knew that the longer I stayed cooped up at home, the longer I’d be there, and when my other half was back to work then that was it, and that scared the hell out of me. This was my last chance saloon, and for the past month of going out and about myself I don’t even think twice.

It might sound silly, but it’s all the little things I’m proud of. One being, I can dress my baby without making her look like she was dressed by a monkey! When you first have a baby, you think you’re going to break their little arms/legs just by lifting the hospital was terrifying! I watched in pretty much horror as the midwife showed us how to bathe baby..I have to be able to lift this wriggly slippery bundle and have a firm grip at all times?! No pressure then! Of course now, with the help of Daddy, again it’s not even a second thought scenario. My little Thumbelina is small, but she’s no China doll! (Though her first outfit below was pretty big on her when she was born!)


Overall, the past 6 weeks have taught me a lot of things. Mostly that there is no real right or wrong way to do things. Your instincts speak for themselves and if you’re worrying about being a good mother, chances are you probably already are one! ❤






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