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Abandoning Ship

Everyone has people who they can call true. But also the fact is you will only ever be able to count those by hand. Life events are proof of this..

I can truly say that my pregnancy was a whirlwind of happiness and excitement, but also worry, physical and emotional pain, which people would never see. People apart from the select few who would take the time to listen. And one never forgets that.

You think of pregnancy as a time when you have lots of support around you, people throwing you baby showers and your life is just bliss, but nothing could be far from the truth. The truth is, many women come to a lonely stage in their lives, even with that handful of people, and of course the support of their significant other, which I, personally, will be forever grateful for.

Most of those are there for the good times. Once that changes, they are gone. But doesn’t that just tell you who’s worth sticking around for? Of course it does! Now it’s not about those who you just don’t see regularly, or who live further away, etc..there are just some people with whom when you see, you pick up where you left off. And that makes catching up a lovely time!

On the other hand, there’s those who almost punish you for changing YOUR life. Yes, I chose to have a baby, and yes, I chose to fulfill one of my dreams to become a mother. That doesn’t make me a bad person. I believe everyone should follow their own path.

I just think that once one puts down those dancing shoes, takes on new responsibilities, has to live life by a baby schedule, no judgement is necessary. The only thing I would ask of anyone is if you know someone who’s going through that journey, reach out. Ask them how they are. It really is that simple. It’s one of the hardest journeys of a persons life, and one that needs to be handled with care.. (considering the hormones fly!)

I think that this is partly why Postnatal Depression is all too common, with 1 in 10 women experiencing it after having a baby. I am lucky enough to not have had it but I can surely see how one would be affected. I chose to get myself out, as I have said in a recent blog, on day 2 and was determined not to shut myself away from the world – plus get the exercise which of course we know releases all those feel-good hormones!

I had lots of visitors, between family and friends, countless amount of cards and gifts, but at the end of the day its just my little family. And I’m perfectly content with that. My little family have kept me going. I abandoned one ship in my life for another, and I know they will still be there on the other end, no matter what happens, and still love me unconditionally. And that gives me peace of mind.


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