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Dust Settling Victory

Well, I haven’t written in a blog in a few weeks, being busy over Christmas and whatnot. So here I am, back and busy with my now 12 week old daughter! When I think of these 12 weeks, just 12, very short and quick weeks, I wonder what the hell I was doing before then?! Its a distant memory!

My baby girl is a proper lttle girl with a personality now. Bubbly, cheeky and making my experience of motherhood an epic one! Looking at her little smile on Christmas morning, even though she of course didn’t understand, but it filled my heart with so much pride that I could wake up to that face then as I do every morning. A great day was had, and I anticipate that next year will be just perfect!

The last few weeks have been of happiness but also of some sadness as we lost one of Isla’s great-grannies. A time when in our relationship at home, I had to be the stronger one. It’s hard losing someone you were so fond of, but it also makes you realize that none of us are here for a very long time. It gives you some food for thought about those present in your life, and that you really should appreciate them, whether they be friends, family or indeed enemies.

So these days I’m just all lavishing in watching my baby girl grow into her own, and be the best mother I can be. She got her first set of injections a couple of weeks ago, and boy did it break my heart. That’s when I really had a sense of wanting to protect her and take her pain away. There were a lot of cuddles that day! Daddy even carried her home!

Well thats it for this post really, just a catch up and to get back in the zone. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year!


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