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“Soak up every moment”: A letter to my new-mum self

I see you sitting there, sore, stiff, tender, and you just hopped onto this emotional rollercoaster of motherhood.

Cry it out, you’re allowed to. You will get through this night and soon you will be home in your safe haven. Concentrate on those beautiful flowers brightening up your view from the hospital window.

Home time, you’re in your happy place now my love, take it in, listen to that kettle brewing, this is only the beginning.

From here on in, soak up all that newborn scent that you just wish you could bottle. Take those cuddles and never let go.

Let the visitors ebb and flow through your household and stay in those pyjamas you’ve been oh-so looking forward to wearing until they fall apart, and those slippers you’ve stretched from your swollen pregnancy feet.

At night, when all is quiet, take all of that, take it all and absorb yourself in gazing at your beautiful creation, while there are no disturbances, no people, just us.

When that little Miss decides she wants to sleep a little longer, let it be.

She will not go hungry, babies do not know time. All they know right now is feelings, so just be there to tend to the needs of those, go with the flow.

You’re a Mama now, trust your instincts, my dear.

This is the time you need to take in every detail, every little wrinkle, every flicker of tiny eyelashes, tiny hands and toes. Embrace it all.

You don’t realise it right now, but time is going to go quickly, probably too quickly.  All the worry, it’s natural. But everything is going to be ok.

Your body is swollen and unrecognisable, but that soon shall pass too. It will never be the same body as before, but you will feel normal again with your wonderful upgrade. Be kind to your body, it gave you life!

You are exhausted beyond measure, emotional, and probably in a state of euphoria all at the same time, but let me tell you this…

This very moment, with this very child, comes once in a lifetime. Soon, it will be a distant memory, and your arms will be empty of the delicate flower you brought into the world, and the only place she will fit is tucked up in your heart.


2 thoughts on ““Soak up every moment”: A letter to my new-mum self”

  1. Beautiful piece , spot on it brought me to tears ! Congrats on your beautiful baby xxx

    can I add to it ?! Something I now wish someone had said to me …
    Remember dear if things get too much at any time and you just need a little break ( I know weird… you didn’t think you were entitled to a break or that you should need one ) do ask for help you don’t have to be superwoman and go it all alone xxxx


    1. Aw thank you 😊 She is a cheeky little 21 month old now! So it was a reflection piece of way back when ❤ That’s very true, I think alot of us are guilty of trying to be superwoman! xx


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