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The Housing Crisis: “Sometimes it is hard to be positive about the future for our family”

I can really only speak for my own little family, but we aim to be fair, content, happy and healthy. We live within our means and make the most of what we’ve got. But with such things as the housing crisis, sometimes it is hard to be positive about the future.

Living in an area that renting prices keep rising with no sign of improvement, these times are hard. A lot of people I speak to on this issue are in similar circumstances.

Is there a future for us here if another recession hits? I just can’t see it. But it’s also a case for people that they can’t afford to stay, yet they can’t afford to go.

Will we ever learn from our mistakes? It’s like déjà-vu continued.

Owners of such premises now want to make people cough up not two but three months deposit. Who has that sort of money to hand over before you’ve set foot into a potential new home?

This is absolute madness. It was reported not so long ago that 1 in 5 children go to bed hungry. What a shocking statistic that shouldn’t even have one.

This statistic now coincides with homelessness, is there any more statistics we’re going to add to this or will there even be any attempts to solve it?

I live in a large town of 22,000, I’ve lived here since 2011 and have witnessed zero large scale developments. No apartments, no houses, no nothing. Everything proposed seems to be rejected.

So here we are, living in inadequate accommodation, and even at that, we’re not secure. Like thousands of others in the country, due to the failures of government, councils, developers and society in general to provide the option of adequate accommodation, we’re stuck in this permanent limbo with no solution in sight.

So here’s the question. How have we ended up here, where we were ten years ago, where we faced the prospect of economic disaster once again?


1 thought on “The Housing Crisis: “Sometimes it is hard to be positive about the future for our family””

  1. Very similar situation in our house. We got a 40% increase in rent in February because our area doesn’t yet qualify for the cap….it’s total madness! I just can’t understand how we’re all set to happily and ignorantly make the same mistakes again! X

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