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What I’ll be teaching my daughter about exams and grades

As parents, we all strive for success in life for our offspring. But sometimes I do wonder if there is still too much focus when it comes to grades, exams and even college?

The stresses of homework for primary school children, the intense exam pressure for secondary school teens and the race against time to figure what one wants to do when they leave school at the tender age of the late teens.

In my opinion, homework for young children should not be necessary, that is what schools are there for, to educate academically. We, as parents, are here to teach about life, about morals, and everything you can’t get from a book.

Exams, of course, are a must when you get to secondary school level, and in college, but we have to remember that these years are tough as it is. Hormones fly, youthful intelligent brains are sizzled with a ridiculous amount of information, and that’s not without the added peer pressure to enjoy those years too. It’s too much.

There are children out there who are literally so scared to open up to parents because of failing an exam. For failing a course. And it’s really really sad.

I want to teach my daughter that letters on a page are just that, and someone else’s success of straight As may not equal her success. We all do things brilliantly¬†on different levels. You are not a failure, you’re a fighter.

I want to teach my daughter that there is a whole world out there to be discovered, a whole world of knowledge that can be obtained through living life and being human.

Things that you really want in life do take work and determination, but if you are struggling mentally, physically to get there, it may not be for you.

When my daughter is home, it will always be her safe haven.

I vow to never tower over her at the kitchen table willing her to get her homework done, or getting frustrated because she finds something difficult.

I vow never to stand in waiting clutching her exam results in hand as if I’ve been told she’s done something terrible.

Remember, again, this is her safe haven.

As a family, every moment is quality time in busy lives, and that should be spent loving each other, not judging each other.

Whatever she does in life, I will always be proud of her, because the moment she made me a Mum, has made me proud forever.


2 thoughts on “What I’ll be teaching my daughter about exams and grades”

  1. Lovely post! I 100% agree… I used to run English schools in China and that has changed my view on the pressure that parents put on their kids! Kids lost their creativity, independence and personality to get straight A’s. They could memorise anything but they couldn’t use the knowledge.

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