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The 6 stages of being sick when the baby is also sick

Well, Winter has arrived. Oooooh yes, it has. And with it, a big change in temperatures. It seems to me like everyone is now suffering from coughs and colds of all sorts!

Myself and the little person are going through our fair share of this right now. She’s snotty, cough ridden, and like a baby bear with a sore head. Mama Bear has been taken over by a cold, pains, shivers, nose feels like its taking over my face….well, you get the gist!

But sure who gives a sh*te about Mama? Nobody, that’s who.

Sympathy from the other half is probably where the line is drawn, but to the rest of the world, even when you’re falling apart, with extremely unwashed hair, the same comfy pants you’ve been wearing for the past three days and the droopiest eyes you might give a Basset Hound a run for its money, to them, you’re just fine and you got this, like a boss!

But you don’t feel like a boss. Oh hell no, more like being bossed around by the toddler that obviously can’t help their emotions but hell, why can’t we just run to a corner and cry until the coffee magically makes itself?

So many things run through the mind of a sick parent, you might just be familiar with these:

1. “Oh no, I CAN’T be sick! The toddler being sick is enough to handle right now…I’ll be fine, just keep going, focus on the child, take a painkiller and I’ll be good.” (Then proceed to forget to take the painkiller).

2. “I would KILL for a coffee right now. Oh, wait…its midday…surely I’ve had one already?! Oh, that’s right, there it is. Nice cold full cup sitting right there that I forgot to drink this morning. Well played Mom life, well played.”

3. *Looks in the fridge* – “Damn it, we need milk.” *Also looks at the blizzard outside* – “Ah sure it’ll be grand!” Then, leave the house bundled up but still manage to make yourself worse just in those few mins. SAKE!

4. You see the baby napping, FINALLY! “Oh thank god. The nap will do her the world of good. Wish I could nap with her.” Then go ahead and prioritize the million plates and cutlery waiting to be washed that are literally going nowhere. By the time you finish, the baby is awake again, and grouchy.

5. Go to the pharmacy to buy your precious darling some medicine. Rock up to the counter and be continuously asked are you sure that it’s just medicine you need for the baby, and nod delightfully through your Basset Hound look and watering eyes.

6. Give out that nobody gives a sh*te when you’re sick, but never changing a thing because looking after each other is what parents do, and you would endure feeling like a Basset Hound with a massive nose forever if it meant your children were never sick.


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