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Two years since The Impending Joys of Motherhood was born!

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So its been a whole two years since that day. The day I clicked that publish button, held my breath and hoped for the best.

I was a new Mama to a one month old Isla, and I was just buzzing to get my thoughts, words, feelings, out in typed form. It started off as a personal release really, a small outlet while I was neck deep in bottles, nappies and newborn cuddles.

My journey began with a few personal entries of daily life, the struggles, the hardship, but also the oh so precious times.

Then motherhood took over completely for a while! My little lady was flourishing, growing, needing my attention naturally, so my little outlet got put on the back burner for a while.

The other half would always ask me when I’d be going back to it, and I always intended on doing so, but when? That was the ultimate question!

And then, in June of this year, a wonderful opportunity came my way, to contribute my writings to Mummypages and alas, my true inner writer came through, and it has been going strong ever since!

26 contributed articles, and some of my own in between, it’s definitely shown me at least one thing, I love to write!

So thankful for the opportunities to come my way, and I have some of the loveliest followers, I feel very blessed.

So here’s to my two year anniversary, two years to the day I clicked that button, and started a journey of which I am just bursting to see what comes my way in the future!

As always, thank you for the support and love, it means more than you will ever know…


Love, Rachael x



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