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‘Stop defining my child’s personality by her gender!’


​Ever since I had my baby a little over two years ago, I was surprised at the amount of conversations that involve gender differences.

“Boys are easier”

“Girls are more sensitive”

“Boys are bullies”

“Girls are faster learners”

But this is something I have been thinking a lot about lately, and I tend to disagree more and more each time. In fact, it drives me a little mad! What on earth has got us thinking that aspects of our children’s personality boils down to the gender they were born with? Why do we want to put them into these little jars of division that we do to ourselves across the board each and every day?


​My girl is an extrovert, she loves cars, loves babies, gives as good as she gets, and has the temper to match the vibrant personality. Is that because she is a girl?

Because I’m pretty sure there are boys out there who are the very same in some ways.

We need to start realising that our children are the way they are because it’s their personality, and certain things are because of how we have raised them, and none of that is a bad thing.

“It’s a girl/boy thing” to me is just a phrase thrown out there, and simply doesn’t make sense.

Perhaps it is a reason people use to explain why your child is this way or that way?  No parent needs to do that, as every child in this world is unique in their own special way. You do not have to apologise for a baby who doesn’t sleep through the night, one who doesn’t listen, one who has the most explosive tantrums, or one who takes a little more time to learn.

And you also do not need to explain why, to anyone. Gender is a sex, not a personality trait.

Whether your child is quiet, boisterous, laid back, out there, sensitive, strong-willed…..Be proud of that. Not because of their gender, but because they are yours.



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