Pink Dinosaur Puddlesuit Review!

I’ve been so excited to receive this as soon as I saw it advertised! I was on the lookout for a puddlesuit for my almost two year old, and was coming across a lot of floral designs and such, but I wanted something well, different!

And that is exactly what I got with this beauty from Mothercare. I knew I (but really the toddler) had to have it!

To be honest with you the absolute main thing that caught my eye with this, is that apart from some tiny details, it is unchanged from the beautiful boys version, other than the colour really..


All the dinosaurs! Pretty dinosaurs at that, with flowers, hearts, stars, and in the most beautiful combination of colours!


It’s just so refreshing to see something has been unchanged and not just “more suited” for a girl. Letting kids be kids is a wonderful thing and fashion is no exception. Mothercare have got it totally right with this piece!

Apart from the gorgeous design it is super lightweight, a fantastically true fit and has elasticated cuffs for when those puddles need jumping! Also did I mention its shower proof? It’s just perfect for the rainy days, the days for the ducks, the days you just want to mess and be free!


Both the girls and boys dinosaur puddlesuit retails at Mothercare for €29.99, and I ordered mine online to collect in store! From the reactions we’ve gotten to it already I’d be ordering pretty quickly! Find the link here – click here


Disclaimer: I purchased this item of my own accord and was not asked to review it. Above are my own honest opinions.


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