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The best New Year’s resolution? To live life like my toddler

Have you ever just stopped and watched your toddler? Carefree, energetic, always looking for the next adventure, getting excited about the small stuff…It’s just wonderful.

It makes me wonder though when did us adults lose it? When did I lose it?

Up until this New Year, I have found myself in a carousel of ups and downs, which of course life is full of, but emotionally, mentally I had yet to let myself free.

When Isla was born, I swore it was a new me, less worry (pretty impossible with a newborn baby realistically), more positive thoughts, more doing of what I wanted rather than suiting others the whole time.

Of course, it caught up with me. People in my life have disappointed me, hurt me, frustrated me. Yes, that is part of life, but how we react to situations is really everything.

So as someone who does not usually opt for New Year’s resolutions, I made one this year.

Live like my toddler, and let the rest happen.

Toddlers are amazing little things, and we can learn so much from them. Watch them, and you’ll learn.

Notice when they fall, sure, there may be tears, but they get right back up and keep going.

The world around them is amazing and beautiful, they can see the beauty in the rain and never move too quickly not to appreciate a beautiful sight.

They often opt for the cardboard box rather than the toy, teaching us that material things aren’t everything, and the simple things in life can stir your imagination and bring you places you can only dream of!

Learning has no bounds and no time limits. Toddlers are like little sponges and with a lot of things they catch on unbelievably quick! For other things, it takes time, and nobody will tell them otherwise. It’s just not an issue. Something we could really introduce into adult life!

They love unconditionally. This is the number one adoring trait. No judging, no hate, no resentment, just pure, unconditional love.

So this year, I want to be just like my little Isla. A running, stumbling, mini Queen with the imagination of a pure dreamer, who sees the ultimate beauty of the simple things in life, and her love knows no bounds.


1 thought on “The best New Year’s resolution? To live life like my toddler”

  1. It is so appealing — I have just written a post about our wonderful family dog, and how she lives in the moment — but unfortunately, with responsibility and all that is involved in being a grown up, a little of spontaneity has to be lost. But not all of it, that’s the ultimate point: we can still strive to live as close to the moment as we can

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