Review of the Giant Lanterns of China at Edinburgh Zoo!

With it being my first time in Edinburgh for our mini city break as three I really wanted to do something that would be a highlight to the few days away, and the Giant Lanterns of China at Edinburgh Zoo was definitely it!

We booked our slot for the evening of Wednesday 14th February, online which was saving us a couple of pounds and an evening already planned before we stepped on the plane.

A beautiful clear evening arrived for us as we arrived at the entrance for our trail of beautiful displays, this was just the beginning!

edinburgh lanterns entrance

It was already so beautiful to the naked eye but it was yet to darken outside. We set upon our relaxed trail as the toddler was sleeping soundly in her stroller..(she missed the whole thing but Mammy and Daddy got a chance to take it all in and have some quiet time!)

edinburgh lanterns couple

As we walked around, the displays were even more breathtaking than the last, each one unique, but so vibrant!

edinburgh me 2

About half way through, we stopped by a stage for twenty minutes to watch a show of very talented acrobats and performers alike. Mesmerizing! I was wondering how they could do these impressive performances numerous times throughout an evening every day!

edinburgh performers

When the show finished we kept going with our trail, even going through a little Chinese market selling all sorts of beautiful gifts and souvenirs. Overall we spent a good hour walking around and it was probably my most perfect Valentines evening. How could it not be with these epic views?

edinburgh dragon

edinburgh dragon 2edinburgh highlightIt’s pretty unbelievable that there are a whopping 450 of these displays all handmade by an extremely talented Mr. Chen. Just spectacular and without a doubt a hell of a lot of work put in!

edinburgh colours

The overall experience of the Giant Lanterns of China at Edinburgh Zoo was beautiful and well worth squeezing into our trip! They are definitely a must see if you are in the area but you may hurry, it’s only on until February 25th! You can book tickets here.

edinburgh flowers


Disclaimer: This review has not been sponsored in any way and has been paid for and organized by myself.


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