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The importance of ageing with confidence

“I wish I was as fat as I thought I was when I was younger.”

“If only I could still look like that.”

Just two examples of what so many of us say to ourselves on a regular basis when we reflect on our past images: “I wish” and “If only” – two quite detrimental sentence starters for our general wellbeing.

What is it about self image that we feel the need to wish we could live the past over again? It’s gone, it’s behind you, that’s why it’s called the past.

 Social media and photos in magazines make us believe that we should look a certain way, and always flawless at whatever age.

What it really is though, is a cloudy mirror tainted by the negative messages telling you that stretch marks, blemishes, and natural imperfections do not belong.

Well I’m here to tell you, they most definitely do belong! (Unless you’re not human – you are human, right?)

Since turning 30 myself, I have indeed taken up a slightly stricter skincare routine than I would have before, not necessarily to make me look younger, but, well, just to look after my skin!

And although, visually, people say I still look like I’m in my early twenties and, despite getting back in decent shape after having my daughter (decent shape meaning I am the size I should be according to my own health and happiness, and I eat whatever I want without silly diets telling me what I can and can’t do), I know I can see ageing creeping in, especially in my face.

Does it bother me? Hell no.

If I chose to not look after myself now and end up looking haggard by the time I’m much older, then I’d just have myself to blame, but a little TLC to help my natural lines flourish is surely better?

My blemishes and imperfections make up who I am physically, not personally. If I focused on what was socially “wrong” with me, well, I wouldn’t look so pretty.

Don’t believe me? Well check out the recent video I stumbled across! We are ALL imperfectly perfect in our own little ways.


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