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Living comfortably as a single income family


Living on one income between two adults and a baby isn’t always the easiest choice to make, but it can work.

I’m sure there are many people out there who look at us single income families and think, “How do they do it?”

Well, all situations are different of course, but I’m going to give some pointers on how we manage and live a relatively peaceful life. Here they are:


  1. Food shopping online – Apart from the fact that it’s a chore and a half bringing a young child food shopping, and even though we used to take it in turns so we didn’t have to drag her out, we then discovered the beauty of online shopping! I usually make a list in the comfort of my home so I know exactly what I need, and that prevents you from buying the unnecessary items I find. Also, if you forget anything you can usually amend your order up until midnight. Our average expenditure on food shopping once a week comes to about €80 for the three of us, so you can figure out what works for your brood!
  2. Keep your debts to a minimum – Buy what you need and stick to it. Be savvy with your money. It doesn’t have to mean depriving yourself, it just means managing your money in different ways and not missing payments on the essential payments in life.
  3. Be travel savvy – Before you plan a holiday, research like crazy! The internet is full of so many sites and Youtube videos to keep you informed. A lot of the time it’s cheapest to find flights first and work from there, so that means booking flights and accommodation separately. Also, depending on the time of year or when you want to go, holidays as one can come up cheaper. It’s all about taking the time to shop around and not booking the first thing in sight. You’ll be glad of it when you have bagged that bargain!
  4. Sacrifices – Now we wouldn’t necessarily call these sacrifices but they could be looked upon as so. We go on nights out maybe once a month if even that at times, a takeaway is a rare treat, and my partner opts for lunches from home to bring to work instead of spending those pennies. Any changes like these, big or small, can add up to the best things in your life. A holiday, a family day out, a weekend away – the things that really make what life is all about! Again, it’s not deprivation. It’s working towards the experiences you want in life for you and your family as opposed to a random thought of “needing” something. Things in moderation have a lot more appeal! It’s also a good idea to be aware of places or activities around you that cost minimal or even better, are free!

With a combination of the above, these can be applied to your situation and I can assure you the changes will come. Knowing you have a hold over your financial situation makes you a happier person. Being a happier person brings better things into your life. It all flows through the law of attraction.

Be savvy, be smart, be happy.


2 thoughts on “Living comfortably as a single income family”

    1. Thank you! I think it definitely is doable once you find your groove and be mindful of where your money is going. And congratulations! Being a stay at home parent isn’t easy but it sure is rewarding in many ways!


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