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The competition of giving birth…


Recently I was taken aback by an article that has gotten quite a bit of stick throughout the media.

You may have seen that footballer Harry Kane took to Twitter to praise his wife after giving birth.

The big issue? That he mentioned she had an “amazing water birth with no pain relief at all.”

People felt the need to pass comment and began to question this statement.

Whats wrong with pain relief? Why should anyone be proud of that?

Really people? Are so many of us that begrudging that we yet again read between the lines of just a father who is telling the world how proud he is?

Is there not enough negativity around us that you need to feel like you have to judge a woman’s birth choice?


Of course he’s bloody proud. He has experienced his loved one giving birth for the second time, no doubt as magical as the first.

It shouldn’t have really mattered that he happened to say how the birth happened. I 100% believe it wasn’t some personal dig to the rest of the birthing mothers of the world!

It doesn’t matter how you give birth. We are ALL queens when it comes to bringing life into this world.

The differences between birth experiences make them unique, and everyone has their own story to tell.

You are no better or worse than the next woman, but your significant other will surely think so!

I know for damn sure that when I gave birth to my daughter, my partner was no different.

In his eyes I was the real life Superwoman and nobody would say otherwise. I had performed a true miracle in front of his eyes, and it wouldn’t have mattered how that happened.

Because I am HIS Queen, just like Harry Kane’s wife is his.

You would hardly walk into someone you knew personally in a hospital and remark to them and say ” Yeah well sorry Barbara I know you’ve given birth and all but so have the rest of us so get over yourself.”

It just wouldn’t happen. Or at least I would really truly hope not.

What I’m really saying here is, it doesn’t hurt to be nice. Don’t read between lines that state nothing but the obvious, and don’t begrudge people their little bit of limelight especially when it’s coming from a loving partner.

Someone else’s personal experience is not your personal experience. And would we have it any other way?

Giving birth is not a competition, it’s a wonderful thing that needs to be cherished in all it’s different forms, resulting in the beautiful babies of the world.







8 thoughts on “The competition of giving birth…”

  1. Saw this on Instagram amd had to read. This is so true. Shortly after I had an emergency c-section an aquaintance posted a photo saying that people that choose c-sections take the easy way out. I don’t know if it was directed to me or not but it still got to me. If it wasn’t for that c-section I would of lost my daughter. Through it all, my husband kept telling me I was amazing, strong, and giving me an outpour of support. It doesn’t matter how you bring your baby into the world, the important thing is that we as women just baked that beautiful bundle of joy in our ovens and did all we could to bring our baby into our world. We are all a Wonder Woman! Love how you put this. Sad that we live in such a cruel cruel world. We need to spread more kindness to each other. *Sorry for the long comment lol*

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    1. No need to be sorry – thank you so much! I really enjoy reading all my responses 🤗 It is very sad that people can be so cruel, but thankfully I reckon there is alot more good than there is bad. ❤ But at the end of that day it just takes one nasty comment to dampen ones day, and its just so very narrow minded. xx

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  2. Oh my god – we are soul sisters! I too have literally posted a blog in the last 24 hrs with this sentiment (nothing to do with birthing babies). Why is everything a competition? Why does everything come down to “I’m better at you at that”. The rule in this house is “just be kind”…..

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  3. Exactly – its so unhealthy! And definitely not something we should be portraying to the younger generation. Of course every parent will think their child is the best in their eyes but as individuals its so important to practice acceptance and joining in other peoples wins big or small!


  4. So true, the minute I seen his tweet I knew the negativity brigade would be overanalysing and been critical.

    I truly believe no matter how you give birth whether it’s a water birth, a home birth or unforeseen circumstances (like mine) leads to emergency csection your partner will be proud.

    Everyone needs to chill and stop thinking everything said on social media is a personal attack. 😊🙊

    Karen |

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