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Keeping the music alive for generations to come

When our daughter was in utero, my partner began to make a point of playing music more than ever, and maybe, people thought we were a bit mad!

Studies have shown though, that babies can hear from inside the womb and can become adjusted to the familiar sounds.

It was even suggested to me to play classical music to her while I was pregnant, but to be honest, classical is not my thing, nor my partners!

What we are talking about here is real music. The recent release of Bohemian Rhapsody may have influenced this post a wee bit, but they are just one of many unique talents…(Though I do believe, we’ll never have another Freddie Mercury)


Music is so important for us as babies and all throughout our lives.

Early introduction to music helps children to learn different sounds and meanings of words while also helping with memory skills. Dancing helps to build motor skills and self expression. All very valuable attributes to our lives.

And while I am SO happy that the likes of Bohemian Rhapsody is gracing our cinema screens at the moment and bringing a real story and real music back to life, I feel like music is being let slip through the fingers of our current generations.

I’m not saying that everyone has to have the same tastes in music etc…but as a parent, I’m surrounded by fellow parents that don’t seem to be as engrossed by music as we are.

Sure, all children love their nursery rhymes (mine included), that’s a natural part of childhood, but seeing my child give it socks to “We Will Rock You” or indeed doze to the land of nod to the likes of Patti Page’s “Old Cape Cod”, that’s the stuff that makes my heart happy.


Who knows, maybe one of us is raising the next Queen band member? The next King of Pop? The next Aretha Franklin perhaps?

Of course there are legends that we see as totally irreplaceable, but by not giving our children a chance to embrace music for what it is, food for the soul, real, toe-tapping, head bopping, emotional beats, how will we ever know?

In my opinion, today’s music business is saturated with mediocre people cutting corners and copying and pasting from the people who could put pen to paper, and use their imagination.

When you hear a song say, from the eighties for example, compared to a song of today, there is a stark difference.

Sounds of days gone by had meaning, had a back story, some of which could be applied to more than one story. That is talent.

Song writing was very much what I think about writing in general. You write about what is relevant to you at that time in your life, and it relates. Then every time you go back to that song, it brings you to that place again.

That’s what I want my daughter to get from music.

To feel it’s worth, and to appreciate it for the effort that was put into that piece of art.

To apply it to her life, and hopefully more times than not, it will bring her joy.

I will be proud to be her mother, the mother to the child who knows who all these great people are, while her friends may be oblivious.

Inject music into your every day life, make it a way of life.

Our babies are the future generation of superstars. Encourage, expose them to the greats, and maybe, we can see the magic happen once again.



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