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Is an only child, a lonely child?


So, as you may have seen on my social media, I spoke briefly on this topic at the beginning of the week on a radio station.

I have seen mixed responses to this, but nobody can deny people’s personal experiences, a couple of which were put forward on the radio.

I myself am Mum to one child. A confident, happy (mostly) and intelligent three year old.

My experience of this “only child finger pointing” was only recent, where it was suggested that being an only child was the result of a single bad day she had where she just didn’t want to share, cooperate, or put on a brave face.

I mean…really?

If being an only child is all you know, are you suffering? Are your parents absolutely terrible for not providing you with a sibling?


Bottom line is do not judge, presume or think you know a full story.

Personally for us as a family, a second child is hoped for in the future, just not at this particular time. That’s nobody’s choice or business but our own.

I know many who do not want children, also absolutely fine because it’s their life, and I know those who have struggled, are still struggling, lost, and grieving.

There are so many backstories that you cannot possibly presume everything is as easy when you see it at face value.

But whatever people’s journeys are, I am absolutely positive that being an only child has not hindered my daughter’s growth.

Someone even suggested that only children are awkward, find it difficult to be social, all round hard times. Its a load of codswallop.

My daughter is a full on social butterfly, and loves to take on a challenge. Obviously these traits come with her personality but it’s a very sweeping statement to say only children struggle.


Indeed, some of them do, but a second, third or fourth child also struggles. You could be one of a large family of siblings and feel like the loneliest person in the world.

So maybe next time you see an only child, just think of how lucky us parents are to have them, and when you see the smile on that tiny face, know that they are loved, and that’s what they need above all else.



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