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ZimpliKids Slime Play Review

It’s been a while because of lots of things happening (and not happening) in life but at last, we have the internet! So I can finally get round to popping this review up!

A few weeks ago I was in touch with Bethany from ZimpliKids, about receiving their most popular of their toy products, a collection of their slime! It wasn’t long before my package arrived, containing an array of choice!


Each item arrived with information on each one, and one also came with two Unicorn figurines which I think were Isla’s favourite!


As you can see I decided that outside was the best choice to go with the slime. It was a beautiful sunny day so we made good use of the weather and I didn’t have to worry about the slime getting anywhere. She played to her hearts content!


At first she was a bit apprehensive about it as she had never played with slime before, but once we added the water to our powdery Unicorn crystals, the slime came together, and she was able to pretend play with her Unicorn figurines, which I find are a great addition to feed the imagination!

All in all, I personally wouldn’t be the first reaching for the slime as I thought the clean up was quite difficult and even after cleaning Isla up I found that it wasn’t going away so easily. I would also definitely recommend keeping slime for outdoor play but other than that, it is great for sensory play and adding in figurines just adds to the fun! If you would like to view all of the different products ZimpliKids have to offer, you can find their website here.

If you and your children love messy play, this will definitely keep them happy!

Disclaimer: I was kindly gifted the set of slimes pictured for the purpose of a review.


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