Appy Kids Co Drinks Review!

As parents we all strive for the very best for our children, and that can be a tough task when it comes to food and drinks. There is so much selection out there too that it can become a minefield when you are trying to opt for better options.

So I was just thrilled when Appy Kids Co approached me to do a review on their drinks!

So I eagerly awaited this special delivery and then it arrived…A big generous (not to mention heavy!) box of products kindly sent to us, amazing!

appyco 2

On arrival of these eye catching boxes the little person exclaimed – “Ora!” (Dora) “Oh wow, Paw-Paw!” (Paw Patrol…no guesses as to what her favourites were then?!

They came in five yummy flavours, four fun characters:

  • Paw Patrol came in two flavours – Orange and Apple
  • Dora the Explorer – Mixed Berries
  • Minions – Tropical
  • TMNT – Multifruit

On closer inspection of the boxes the facts were pretty evident…

“Fortified with Vitamins A, C and E”……”No added sugar, GMO’s or artificial preservatives”……”100% Natural”….Music to a parents ears, right?!

So how did we get on?

Well, first let’s just say, these had to be hidden, out of sight! One peek and it was game over, the little lady HAD to have it!

Once she got her hands on one it was gone in two seconds flat… I think that says it all!

The parents even got a sneaky sip here and there, and we were just as impressed!

appyco 1

Overall, these drinks were a great success in our house. I love the way they are a healthier option, but still have such colourful and fun packaging to go with it, making it easy to get some yummy goodness into our little ones.

If you too want to try these juicy wonders, in Ireland they are available in Dunnes and Spar. You can also order them on Amazon and they are stocked in 27 countries, so if you’re not in Ireland, check out the website Appykids Co Stockists for more info!

Disclaimer: I kindly received Appyco Drinks products for the purpose of this review. The above are my own honest opinions.